• When Did You Start Your Artistic Journey?

    I’ve always loved to draw and to create. Growing up I was either doodling or reading in my free time. I started taking art more seriously in high school and really pushed myself to hone my talent. Through my college years I worked primarily on fine art and switched my focus to illustration after I graduated.

  • What Type Of Art Do You Specialize In?

    I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with a little bit of everything. For the most part I’m partial to drawing images with a strong sense of narrative. I like when my pictures have a story themselves that the audience needs to work out.

  • What Artistic Mediums Do You Work In?

    I like to work in a large range of mediums. The mediums that I work with most frequently include graphite, ink, oil paint, water colors, and digital painting. I also love the process required for print making so I enjoy creating relief prints, etchings, or screen prints when I am able to find studio space.

  • What Inspires You Artistically?

    I am, like everyone else, inspired by outside influences. My thoughts are shaped by the books I read and the movies that I’ve watched. My style is shaped from dance classes with their focus on form, lines, and movement as well as from my anatomy classes. My work has been influenced specifically by the ideas and works of Niel Gaiman, Charles De’Lint, HP Lovecraft, Sylvia Plath, CS Lewis, Franz Kafka, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Dave McKean, Arthur Rackham, and Gustave Courbet.

  • Can I Get A Print Of Your Work?

    Certainly! You can visit my Etsy Shop and order work there. If you don’t see what you are searching for, shoot me an e-mail (contact@laurencrestillustration.com) and I can typically get a print made and shipped out for you within the week.

  • Are You Available For Commission?

    I am. Shoot me an e-mail (contact@laurencrestillustration.com) and we can discuss your commission needs. Prices vary based on medium used, style desired, size of piece, detail of piece, time frame artwork is needed by, etc so specifics in your initial request are super helpful.

  • How Do Your Commissions Work?

    Once you have shot me an e-mail (contact@laurencrestillustration.com) we will discuss your ideas and get on the same page about your project. Once we have some details laid out I will send you an estimate form detailing your specifications and the over all price of the commission. Each commission is priced based on the amount of time the project will take, the materials used, the complexity of the piece, etc. If the price is too high, we can change some details of the commission to fit the project within your budget. Once we reach an agreement on an estimate I will send you a contract. Once the contract is agreed to and signed I will start working on your commission!

  • How I Pay for Commission Work?

    Commissions are paid through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to make payment) or through cash if you are in the Ogden area. An invoice will be sent at each stage of the project (as agreed upon previously with the estimate) so that you won’t have to worry about figuring out PayPal or the percentage amount. 20% payment is required upfront after your project has been looked over and a contract has been signed. After initial sketches are completed and are approved, another 30% payment is required . Once the commission is completed, a small, watermarked thumbnail image will be sent to you as proof of completion. The final 50% of the commission will be due before the commission is either emailed (for designs and digital paintings) or mailed off.