About Lauren Crest

I am a freelance illustrator currently based in Utah. I am passionate about creating illustrations that possess and radiate with an aura and bewitchment of their own; bringing them to life and allowing them to exist more fully off the page. My work is inspired by small aspects of magic in fairy tales in daily life, by the emotions and desires that are masked and left unspoken, and from my massively unending consumption of books. My illustrations are created to make you feel, to pause from your average routine, and to consider a new, different way of thinking.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2 Dimensional Studies at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. When I’m not working on commissioned work I am juggling a variety of personal illustration and story projects. In the off chance I’m not working on art I am usually found outside with my Turtle Baby and cat either looking for bees, bones, or other wild treasures.

About My Art & Work

I work to provide artistic direction and to visually illustrate creative stories, ideas, and concepts; Making it possible for creative visions to be experienced, explored, and enjoyed more deeply by viewers. With each illustration I work to further enhance and bring to life the creative vision presented to me and to cause the viewer to, for a moment, forget about realty as we know it and instead believe in an alternative form of truth (or reality) presented to them.

Due to years of working with a wide range of artistic mediums, I’m able to meet many visual and technical requirements necessary to enhance the collective workflow, and to complete projects quickly and efficiently. By not committing to one particular artistic medium, I am free to work in a variety of creative channels that will best translate complex, abstract, or personal artistic visions; without losing the recognizable visual signature of my work.

Social Media:

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Selected Shows:

2018 – Handed Down and Altered, The Mormon Arts Festival at Columbia University, New York, New York
2018 – The Kitchen Sink, Delurk Gallery, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
2015 – Salt Lake Gallery Stroll Solo Show, Underbelly Creative, Salt Lake City, Utah
2015 – Salt Lake Gallery Stroll Group Show, Underbelly Creative, Salt Lake City, Utah
2013 – BFA Thesis Exhibition, Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, Ogden, Utah
2013 – BFA Seminar Exhibition, Department Of Visual Arts Lobby, Ogden, Utah
2013 – Opening Exhibition, Pandemonium Art Gallery, Ogden, Utah
2013 – Student Exhibition, Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery, Ogden, Utah


2013 – Juror Award, Disappearing Series (1,2, and 4)

Artwork Featured In:

2018 – Exponent II, Vol 38 No. 1
2014 – Freddie the Penguin
2013 – Mixitini Matrix, Volume 3 Issue 1

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